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propaganda paradise
Wednesday, January 05, 2005

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Welcome to DIY Free Market! Enough propaganda to wheat paste.. err flyer for days! Send in your graphics, flyers, posters & artwork. All anti-Bush & progressive themed artwork from sign ups will be put into the gallery. Please upload to your server, we can't afford the bandwidth. Thanks ;)

::DIY 4x::
sent in by
Progressive Punk Org

:Please stand by:
sent in by Theresa McCain

:we want your blood 4 oil:
sent in by Anon.

:Powell out the door in 2004:
sent in by Marcus

::Afghan Womens Lib::
Artwork-Mike Flugennock
sent in by Christy

::different, just like you:
sent in by Alon of Ca. Redemption

::Driving Force::
Artwork-Peter Collins
sent in by Anon

::six degrees::
Artwork-Mike Flugennock

::pink pumper::
sent in by Richi Ray

::Ashcroft Watching Graphic:
sent in by Tommy Towne

::bring 'em on::
Courtesy of the Renee/Demetrius

::my bush doesn't declare war:
sent in by Colleen

:Our Men & Women are not your toys:
Courtesy of the Renee/Demetrius

:fuzzy math:
Courtesy of the Renee/Demetrius

:idiot son promoted ahead of you...again:
Courtesy of the Renee/Demetrius

:Think for Yourself:
Progressive Punks Org

:Ashcroft out the door in 2004:
sent in by Marcus

:mojo georgo:
Courtesy of the Renee/Demetrius

:pledge allegiance to the bag:

::Bomb Flag::
sent in by

:mommy, he scares me:
Courtesy of the Renee/Demetrius

No Child Left Behind
Artwork-Mike Flugennock

:compassionate conservatism in action:
Courtesy of the Renee/Demetrius

:no death camps in cuba:
Courtesy of the Renee/Demetrius

Uncle Sam Quits graphic

sent in by Eric

::mindless obedience::
DIY Politics

:Rumsfeld-War Pig:
sent in by Marcus

:small minds cold hearts lost souls:
sent in by Theresa McCain

:Bush Tour Poster
sent in by Eric

::deception dollars::
Courtesy Mike Ruppert

::deception dollars::
Courtesy Mike Ruppert

:enron/halliburton 04:
Courtesy of the Renee/Demetrius

Artwork-Mike Flugennock

::Axis of Evil Graphic::
sent in by Tommy Towne

::bleeding heart postcard:

:forgotten or failed?:
Courtesy of the Renee/Demetrius

:don't get fooled again:
Courtesy of the Renee/Demetrius

:seperated at birth-oz theme:
Courtesy of the Peace Pretzel

:sacrifice is nice when someone else pays the price:
Courtesy of the Peace Pretzel